Dine01: Maciel’s Tortas and Tacos 

Not many people think of Memphis as a city that holds authentic Mexican food. Most think California and Texas. Well they know nothing about the streets of Jackson and Summer Ave. While these streets are lined with tons of Authentic Mexican from markets, food trucks and restaurants we are now blessed in the heart of the city with the best Mexican in Memphis. Maciels Tortas and Tacos opened October of 2015 and the nonstop lines were pure evidence that Downtown Memphis needed some real cheese dip again!! Everything I’ve eaten here has been exceptionally great! Manuel the owner is so nice and friendly no matter how busy it is. Maciels can get pretty busy at lunchtime, but this hot spot gets you in and out! You will see people at tables outside on Main Street, people in the windows munching on their 3 for $8 Lunch Tacos and people upstairs mingling and eating anything from soups and salads to tortas and elotes!! 

Here’s a few of my favorites: 

  • Chicken tortilla soup – this soup is jam packed with flavor from the top to the bottom. The fresh cilantro and tender chicken are essential.
  • Garlic shrimp tacos – these tacos were such a happy surprise that I continued to order them until I was encouraged to try more. The avocado slices and mango/pineapple salsa are my kryptonite.
  • Tacos de Lechugas- when Im feeling like “okay Cris enough carbs for the week” I shoot for this beauty! It’s a lettuce wrapped taco packed with chicken, steak and tons of vegetables. If you add alittle salsa verde it’s an absolute hit!
  • Fundido dip- when I tried this I realized I’ve been getting cheated on by every other Mexican restaurant. The quest dip is 100% Oaxaca cheese. No water is added, so its not runny like we are all used to, this stuff is too legit to quick!!
  • Last but not least is the made to order Fresh as the Prince of BelAir guacamole!! He does chunky vs creamy… Love it!!

So while I haven’t named quesadillas that are secretly able to convert to burritos if asked, nachos that are covered with that too legit cheese or tortas that will leave you in food coma they are all also very good! 

As a first timer I recommend you go to try their authentic tacos. Don’t be scared by the word authentic. It’s a treat not a trick to experience it. It basically means handmade corn tortillas, onions and cilantro. Everything from Maciels is made fresh except the sour cream. Impressive right? When you order, have a seat with your table number and when the food comes just take a sniff of the tacos first to inhale the freshness it brings. After that devour power will set in and then tomorrow go back for the Tortas. Try the chorizo (Mexican sausage) and then the next day go back for any of the others I’ve named. 

As you can see I love Maciels. I really do and it’s my super foodie duty to tell y’all as well. Enjoy! And I’m sorry in advance for getting you hooked!! If you ever need catering or delivery, Maciels offers both!! If you ever wanna study and eat they offer WIFI!! Also while I keep trying to hint at a margarita bar upstairs he has mentioned expanding their seafood options to a few more things like ceviche and shrimp cocktail all made to order and fresh! I’ll have one of each sir!

Until next time. BYL!!

Cris M. 


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