Dine 01: Bangkok Alley

After yesterday’s tragedy I had to go somewhere else to make myself feel better and let the fail gods know I don’t give up! I was feeling lazy and wanted to have something delivered to my job so I started searching for delivery options. I started searching and I guess from seeing all the Asian options, Bangkok Alley then came to mind. Bangkok Alley is in a weird spot right next to my favorite brunch spot, Belle Bistro. I had my coworker look at their menu to see if she wanted a redo as well as she was down.

We drive down and actually landed a prime parking spot on 2nd and Union. Landing free parking and prime parking in any downtown is always a big deal for me. Things were already on the up and up. We walk in to a hostess and she cleans the table off and seats us. We get our drink orders immediately and by the time she is back we were ready to order. Our lunch entrees came with a small cup of soup. The soup reminded me of chicken noodle soup without the noodle because of the chicken broth.

Our lunch meals are here and I see the food gods are back on my side. They smell delicious!! I ordered the Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodle) and it comes with sautéed flat rice noodle, beef, basil, bean sprouts, bell pepper onion, scallion, egg and a special sauce that taste amazing. My coworker ordered Teriyaki Ginger with Beef served over rice and stir fried mushroom, onion and bell pepper.

We were both barely talking, but I could tell happy plates were about to be made. After lunch we both agreed this was a better day. Service was nice and simple and the food was really good. They have a sushi menu and a full bar. Everything here seems thai inspired from the basil, curry, coconut milk and peanut ingredients in some of the dishes. Don’t let that scare you off! Embrace what you normally like and just go for it! I enjoyed my drunken noodles but the next thing I want to try is the Roasted Chicken and garlic Basil Sauce. It just sounds so good to me. I’m not a curry and coconut milk person. Yes, I’ve tried it. But I will definitely be back for another great experience soon especially since it didn’t break the bank!

Cristina M.



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