Dine01: Cafe Eclectic  

How do you start your day? Most people in this adult world will say with a shower(maybe) and some coffee. If you have ever been to Cafe Eclectic then you know the barista guys are like the best ever bc they are so cheerful!! I’ve never received bad service even when it is packed!

White Mocha Latte

On Sunday’s there is always a wait so either make reservations or grab a Memphis Flyer and wait for about 20 mins. It’s worth it! When you go during the week it may depend on the time of day or whether or not school is in for crowds. Regardless the service is still pretty spot on. Their menu consist of both breakfast and lunch. They have so many healthy options and so many local products including Porcellino’s Butcher Shop. One of the biggest shockers was the veggie sausage. The texture was still the same and the flavor was still there. Every sandwich ever ordered for much has been amazing and pairs well with a milkshake or even tea.


Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake
The Diablo Wrap.

I really wish they gave refills on that Star and Micey.. Yum Yum. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to order it on ice even though I literally drink it in 12 seconds. Yes, I have timed it.

Ciabatta French Toast and Funky Salmon

My only suggestion for Cafe Eclectic is to bring good conversation company and chill. I love love love this place and I will probably be back again soon to try more items and get out of my few comfort zones. My comfort food includes their funky salmon or the chicken and waffles for breakfast. The funky salmon has Porcellino’s Faroe Scottish cured salmon, cream cheese, fresh spinach, tomato and cucumber on a toasted English muffin. The Chick’n – N- Waffle is a huge, crispy boneless chicken breast in their buttermilk waffle. Every so often I get the Avalon Scramble omelet. Cafe Ecelctic wins in most of the local breakfast categories and I see why. No matter how many other breakfast spots that pop up the coffee and chicken and waffles here has my heart. And seriously the baristas deserve an award too well plus tips!! But you get the point. Until next time Memphis!
Blog Ya Later,
Cris M.

Café Eclectic is located in Midtown, Highland and Harbortown.


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