DINE01: Food Geek Sandwiches & Beyond Food Truck

Have you noticed the abundance of food trucks in Memphis yet? They are rolling up everywhere and we absolutely love it. If you are looking for something different and outside of the box always expect that from Food Geek food truck.

Food Geek at Court Square

They are out here tantalizing taste buds and making food fun again! Think about it. You have to really like the food to go outside and stand in line for it or find a parking spot just to go try a taco. But that’s the thing, it’s never just some basic taco. Let’s take their famous tiki tacos for example. That taco gives you the first bite of total happiness. It is filled with glazed pork, pineapple, jalapeños, blue cheese crumbles and fresh pico.  The flavor combined in this taco is honestly like nothing else you have ever eaten in between a tortilla.

Tiki Tacos

Their greeky geeky tacos are quite addictive as well. It has smoked chicken or sirloin, spinach, cucumber, dill aioli, pico. The fun isn’t limited to adults because they have a few kid items. This is very helpful in trying to raise a local baby foodie.

James and Laura Norman. Pic Courtesy of Laura.

Food Geek is a family owned truck and they really seem to love what they are doing!! It shows through their food and service. There’s never been a bad visit or inconsistency in the many visits to see them. They travel all over the Memphis area and I’m sure they may return to Southaven as well.  When they are parked at somewhere like Memphis Made Brewery you can expect to see the cheese used on their philly cheesesteak to be made with their beer. Of course any locavore would appreciate that.

BBQ Philly Cheesesteak

You really just need to go try them for yourself. To find out where they are follow their FB page for the weekly location schedule. In order to start enjoying some really flavorful food the first step is to throw that “eating on a truck is weird” taboo right out the window!!! Not only are these trucks weird, but in a good way, they are also clean and friendly. Food Trucks are the next best thing happening in Memphis and the Tri State Area!! Food Geek frequents Memphis Made Brewery, St. Jude, Court Square Park, Baptist Corporate and many others. You will never know if you never try and I would hate to see you miss out on something so amazing. Make that second step your last step. Take a bite!! You won’t regret it.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Blog Ya Later,

Cris M.


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