DINE01: Blind Bear Speakeasy


How many times have you walked down Main Street and had no clue you just passed a Speakeasy? While Blind Bear sits in the heart of downtown as a prohibition themed bar and cocktail lounge, they are serving up some very delicious food too. We were intrigued by the whole theme of the bar so we decided to try the hidden gems of the restaurant. We’d heard the rave about their pepper jack macaroni and cheese, but decided to give Memphians something else to look forward to. There were so many things we loved about Blind Bear. We are huge fans of nicely put together themes and they executed their theme without seeming corny or tacky. We are also a huge fan of lounge space because they work so well for a variety of occasions. Of course, we are lovers of food and that’s where the fun began.

Photo Cred: Charles Nardi
When you first walk in you may catch a few people playing pool or sitting around in their different lounge sections. You continue to walk up the ramp and there is more lounge and dining space with an L-shaped bar and TVs. Blind Bear has such a “Cheers” vibe to it. The flapper skirt wearing bartenders, the friendly owner and customers all knew each others names but still welcomed in newbies like us. The vibes all through the Blind Bear on this Thursday night were just all welcoming. Later on we celebrated the Grizzlies Home Opener with shots of Jameson and pints of Wiseacre Tiny Bombs. Good Times, but back to the food… We had the owner, Jeanette, pick out the items. We were presented with an array of menu items including a dessert.

Photo Cred: Charles Nardi

Photo Cred: Charles Nardi

The first thing that caught our eye was the bread pudding. Although you normally eat that last, Cristina snuck in a forkful saying “She didn’t want the ice cream to melt!” The fried fish tacos were our favorite of the two and if they would add guacamole to that it would definitely be one of the best fried fish tacos in Memphis!!

Photo Cred: Charles Nardi

Photo Cred: Charles Nardi

The Jager BBQ Burger had a cool story to it. Apparently this was made off the whim for the Yelp Memphis Burger Binge Week earlier this year. Jeanette said she took the Jager Bologna sandwich and basically made it a burger. The Jager BBQ Burger is made with Black Angus, grilled onions & mushrooms, pepper jack cheese, lettuce & tomato, Jager BBQ sauce, and a small side of pepper jack mac. It is truly a delight and a must order. The first bite was all smiles. The last bite was sad, yet satisfying. Last but not least, the bread pudding.

Photo Cred: Charles Nardi

The bread pudding was simply divine. The bread pudding wasn’t spongy which made it easy to enjoy. The caramel drizzled all over the dessert with  a generous scoop of ice cream and fresh strawberries, will just warm your heart. Not one of us ever choose bread pudding as the first dessert, but at Blind Bear this is definitely the best choice. We were so grateful that they allowed us to try such a treat. After our full bellies settled in we went to The Den.

Photo Cred: Charles Nardi
Photo Cred: Charles Nardi

The Den is one of the two big areas that can be reserved for 10 min groups absolutely free. The difference between The Den and any other room in Memphis is that it’s basically hidden with a one way mirror and it’s own music. This is really the real speakeasy of the cocktail bar. The Den is definitely the place to have your next special occasion. We hung out with the bears and wrapped up the night. While walking out I believe we all were thinking about our next time coming back. Maybe after a while it will become a place in Downtown Memphis, where everybody knows our names.

But we may need the night’s password which can be found on their Twitter and Facebook. You can also go to these sites to find out more on their happy hours, chalkboard specials and themed trivia!!


Cris M.

Blind Bear

119 South Main

Memphis, TN 38103


Monday – Friday 3pm- 3am

Saturday & Sunday 11am- 3am (heard the Hungover Brunch is amazing)


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