What did I just eat?

  Woke up excited this past weekend to judge the “Anything But” category at Best Memphis Burger Fest!! When I stepped outside I realized two things: 1) I need to check my weather app before walking outside and 2) I don’t own anymore fall clothes. After walking back in the house to grab a small coat I headed over and immediately starting seeing faces in the crowd I’ve only seen on social media. I get excited when I meet people in person nowadays. It makes it more real. JC (@memphisflavor) escorted me over to the judge tent where I saw this beautiful display of margaritas calling my name to warm me up. I will be begging to judge that category next year. 

When it’s time to get our grub on we are given instructions and our four burgers to try. We judged based on appearance, taste and tenderness. Unfortunately none of my burger gave me a wow factor but I did hear someone say “wow is that a bacon donut” at one table. Lol… I honestly have no clue what some of those burgers included and unfortunately all my pictures suck (need a professional camera or better iPhone ASAP).  So, I made a video. The first and last burger in the video were my favorite. I could taste pork in the first burger, but still no clue on that last burger. The second burger was a seafood burger and the third was probably a chicken burger. 

My first judging experience was cool. I met a few cool people and unfortunately I had to leave early.  There was so much to enjoy at Tiger Lanes even for your families. I saw everything from disc golf to craft beer gardens. If you walked around enough you would spot a few pop up shops selling t-shirts. Next year I hope to judge again and dress smart so I can enjoy some burger samples and hopefully margaritas too! Don’t get this picture twisted there was way more out here at first. the Best Memphis Burger Fest is one of my Top 5 festivals and it keeps getting better every year. Until next time Memphis!!


Cris M.


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