This is a Short Stak? Whoa! 

Staks Pancake Kitchen is killing the breakfast scene right now! The interior design is what first catches your attention, but the pancakes are what makes you a repeat customer. I’ve only been twice, but so far so good. If you watch the video below you will also see the griddle tables where you can cook your own pancakes. This is not for people like me who couldn’t flip a pancake if their life depended on it.

They are serving up Porcellino’s  meats as a side item and in the Breakfast 2 eggs + meat dish. The meats are seriously just too legit to quit. Staks has some of the best buttermilk pancakes I have ever had!!! Fluffy, golden and buttery… OH YES!! This is before I even mention any of the toppings you can add to your pancakes like chocolate chips and fruit. I also tried their Gouda grits. I’ll just say Thank God for coffee because I was just asking for food coma at this point.


I’m also loving this 12 oz coffee they give you!! They have a medium and dark roast coffee with free refills and a few other cafe classics. I did spot a beer permit coming soon and I was told they are also looking forward to serve some brunch cocktails such as the Bloody Mary and Mimosa. Service still seems very consistent and they seem to be fixing all their early on mistakes quickly which is a super bonus in my book!!!

All in all definitely a great all day brunch kinda place. Weekends I’m sure are extremely packed though, so BEWARE or come early!!!!

A little tip I can give is that they do not accept tips! They say it’s included in the price which I can believe. I ordered a short stack (4 generous sized pancakes), 2 eggs + meat and a coffee and my total was $17. But even with the tip being included the service is still great. Nothing over the top but definitely great considering they aren’t receiving cash tips.  I think this is a great example of having happy employees who don’t have to worry about having a bad day in tips.

    Can’t wait to come back and try the lunch menu and I can bring my little man too! He will devour that Pancake Dog. Until next time Memphis.! Keep Loving…


Cris M


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