My 1st Pop Up Shop! 

For a while now I have wanted to start doing more with my blog. My mind is always racing and I threw the idea out there to my grandmother and my cousin and they both said go for it!! My grandmother gave me the capital and I started making calls. I came across The Tee Shirt Lab and I am so glad I did. Turns out it is owned by my old college friends. It’s a black owned business and pretty much family based too. They are right on Airways before you hit Park which was a bonus for me since I live in Midtown.  I had no clue but it was a pleasant surprise to see them again. Even with them knowing me they didn’t slack on professionalism and promptness. My shirts were ready in a week!! 

I have always said I wanted to do more and that’s where the charity shirt came in at. I pass Streets Ministries at least once a week and I remember seeing a post about some girls needing volleyballs and etc. This automatically got my attention because I love the sport. It didn’t take much after that to know this is who I wanted to help. They are helping kids like me. The more I read on their site about their mentors and different events the more I realized this will be who I start to help. I’m not rich but I do have a heart so that’s when I reached out to them via Instagram and they were just as thrilled. 

I then contacted Vicki, who owns Daystar Accessory in Overton Square, and she was willing to help me setup at her place free of charge. It seems like my genuine love and support for local businesses has started to pay off!! 

I was still setting up when my first customer came in. She introduced herself and I immediately noticed her when she said her username!! She was so sweet and told me I am really helping her try new things. Completely made my day. I then had a few more people come in.

We closed up around 7pm and I can’t wait to start back up today! My goal is to sell out of my BE THE CHANGE shirts first. I have Copper Young Fest with Tart to sell the rest. 

My little setup in the back of the store! I had some cookies & cream cupcakes for my shoppers too! They came from Pink Diva Cupcakery. The most moist cupcake I have ever eaten. 

These bags went fast! I couldn’t believe I had a box full of preorders from my family, friends and followers! It’s a great feeling and a didn’t kind of blessing. 

My favorite boutique allowed me to set up shop here this weekend and it was fun to enter the retail life for a few hours. 
  I set up a donation jar just in case people want to just donate. Memphis is a very charitable city and I want to be apart of that.  Half the proceeds I make from this shirt will go to Streets Ministries. 


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