I’m A Really Big Kid Now

All my life I have been around DC comics and Marvel comics but I never really got into the actual comic books. I have seen a few movies such as Batman, Spider-Man, X Men, and even watched the cartoons. My mom would watch X Men with me while eating a bowl of cereal. I was definitely a Barbie fan but I loved action heroes too!  Later on I was introduced to the Avengers and every since I guess you could call me a bandwagon fan because I just love that crew. Even more than X-Men, sorry Wolverine. Well today I relived some childhood memories when I stepped into Comics and Collectibles.

This store has everything any comic and collectible fan of any age would want. I saw teenagers and adults browsing the aisles. Comics and Collectibles also made me think about my Uncle T. He was the one who started this whole infatuation in our family. It’s almost tradition that we go see Marvel movies together or sit around together on holidays talking about the trailers or something. One of my 1st cousins even wrote a few of his own fantasy books! Apart of me thinks my Uncle T knew about this place and kept it all to himself. If not, he is looking down on me smiling and saying “Good find niece!”

I’m sure if I bring any of my family members to my newest find they may go crazy. I almost hesitated on making this blog post because I didn’t want to hear the excited screams. We spotted a Transformers shirt that is a must buy next time I stop in for my little boy. So far he has everything Avengers even house shoes and he is only 2. We have started him young.  While I don’t claim to be a comic con goer or a huge fanatic I do notice the great selection they provide. I’m sure everyone could find something they want in there and it could very well be on sale. They have action figures, cards, books and games. I’m sure there’s plenty I missed too. It was a happy visit and I’m glad it was one my random stops today.


Cris M.


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