My only award….

Being a parent has its ups and downs and this incident is classified under “the downs”. My toddler was being his normal after daycare active and destructive self when I witness it happen. My Yelper of the Year award cracked. For those who don’t know I was a hard core Yelper for like 3 or so years when I finally got the chance to work for them as a marketing intern. While the timing was terrible it was also perfect. I only say terrible because I had just started a new family but I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity. I gained a whole new respect for Yelp and the hardwork it takes to keep a community together while falling deeper in love with Memphis at the same time. I just wish I could have enjoyed it more.

Volunteering at the CY Farmers Mkt

I tried hard to enjoy different restaurants, volunteer and attend yelp events whenever possible. Amazingly somewhere between me being an Elite Yelper and the lovely Joelle’s intern I was nominated to be Yelper of the Year and I actually won!! I was so honored and even joked saying I am the “Queen Yelper”. I got teased by a few but it was a fun ride. I love Yelp. 

Yelp has pride!

I’m a big kid sometimes

So yea, now my only proof is gone. Luckily I have the pictures taken at the Cadre but that was a sad moment to see it in pieces on the floor. Since then Memphis Yelp gained a new intern Deanna W. who is really kicking butt at this position. I really like her and wish we could have worked more together. But you can catch that cute bubble on Local Memphis at 9am sometimes. Overall I am so grateful for the experience and can’t wait to see who will win the title whenever the next Yelpies go down. 

I say all this to say we all come from somewhere. Me and this blog came from Yelp. While I worked as a part-time food tour guide for City Taste I used Yelp a lot in my tours. My love for Memphis came from Yelp. Some people hate Yelp but it helped me be more adventurous and open minded. It’s not just some review site. It can literally become apart of your life. Loving MY Memphis is all about finding your own locavore journey. I hope one day I can be a guide as Yelp was mine. 

The award may be gone but my love for Memphis is here to stay!



Cris M. 


One thought on “My only award….

  1. So sorry to hear about your award breaking 😦 I love Yelp too and I’m so grateful for it because not only am I finding new places to eat in Memphis but I also found you! I hate that we haven’t gotten a chance to actually meet because I would love to. Your insta/facebook/blog are so amazing at highlighting awesome places and events. I’d love to some day work for Yelp if at all possible. I’d be awesome to read a more in depth blog about how you got into working for Yelp and the experience!

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