My iPhone Films

Around midnight I couldn’t go to bed so I started scrolling my social medias looking at old food pictures I’ve taken over the past year. After a while I realized I didn’t have any videos so this is what happened. My compiled a bunch of old and new pictures together to make this retro styled trailer. I’m glad it came out okay considering I should have been dreaming at this point. 

Making the trailer helped me realize how much talent and creativity I still hold. I never really step out of my box anymore so it was fun to see it all turn out pretty decent!

Here’s the trailer! I hope you enjoy this because there’s more coming soon!! 

Also thank you to everyone for sharing my Locavore love on Facebook and Instagram!!! I’ve recently ventured out to Twitter and soon Snapchat as well, but no Snapchat until I blog more on here. I plan to buy the domain name soon, but I have to keep my funds in tact. This local food journey ain’t free lol… 


Cris M


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