Schweinehaus and the Edible King…

Schweinehaus may have confused lots of people, but they didn’t confuse me. As a teen I was blessed to visit my Uncle Ron in Germany and that experience can never be duplicated for me. I love the decor and the togetherness to keep the German feel alive in Schweinehaus, but I was more so impressed with their usage of the edible king known as PORK. I have seen this kitchen staff use every part of the pig except chitterlings and according to my family health record, that’s just something I don’t need in my life. They have a great Monday Special with pork belly atop beer cheese grits and greens.That pork belly is cooked by a genius!!! If you look closely you can even see bacon pieces in the greens. Again, Pork is King.


They have a great side patio accompanied with the same community tables as inside. I was personally a fan of the community tables because I eat solo alot and it helps me not seem like that awkward girl eating alone with my face stuck in my phone. Thank you Schweinehaus and the German culture for trying to keep social humanity alive. My service at Schweinehaus has become quite consistent. One server was very helpful and made sure me and my baby had water and he even refilled my baby bottle!! How sweet. Gotta love Memphis and the southern charm.


I have tried a few  brews and so far my favorite is the Grapefruit Schofferhofer. It tastes really good as a substitute for champagne in a mimosa. Like many other local eateries they carry most, if not all,the local craft brews.  Schweinehaus seems to be the only place in Overton Square serving brunch late and also serving late meals for the night owls and service industry folk. This is when they go way outside the book and cook up anything from Chicago style pizza to tacos! I love this place though, my hubs and I love their brunch the most!  Schweinehaus is a unique spot that has mastered the art of German/Southern American cuisine. Huge portions, nice ambiance, and beer! I’m sold.



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