Belle A Southern Bistro… It’s Worth The Walk

As I walk in Belle Bistro, yet again, I am still smiling. I am smiling simply because they are too. The staff here at Belle are exceptionally friendly and easy to talk to. I have talked to one of the coolest chefs about his recipe for the collard greens and the bartender about how much we love Memphis. And the manager is hilarious! Belle Bistro is just a perfect place for me. They seem like a real good team and it shows through the food and the service! The ambiance here is nice. Well lit areas and gives off the southern hospitality feel altogether.


Belle A Southern Bistro did a great job in renovating it into what it is now. You wouldn’t believe this used to be the Mexican spot I came to for steak fajita nachos and a Modelo. Even with the location as a disadvantage, Belle seems to thrive. Honestly, it’s downtown so walking is expected anyway. Belle serves such good food that I would walk a mile for it! Especially for the collard greens. blog The greens here taste equivalent to my Great Aunt Stine’s and that is a lifetime compliment! Lord rest her cooking soul. The food ya’ll. The food is so good! I have had brunch, lunch and dinner and they all were just so good! Brunch seems to be my favorite and I decided to try many dishes before blogging it. The Farm Grit Bowl is my “carnivore heaven/If I need a nap eat this meal”. I also loved their hash and the biscuits here are completely smothered with sausage gravy. And to me, that’s the only way to serve biscuits and gravy. It seriously doesn’t get any better. It is the perfect place to have a birthday dinner too because we all love southern food, but hate cooking it and this place has a certain classiness to it that isn’t normal in most southern eateries. They are usually a greasy hole in the wall but not this place!!

blog1 blog3 blog4

The bar has a great selection and the Happy Hour is the best kept secret in town too!! I would love to see this place flourish and one day expand to an additional part of town (Midtown) but until then I will be happy scouting out a free parking spot and enjoying myself downtown.


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