Mudbugs and MacMosas at Bayou Bar and Grill…

When I am craving a delicious crawfish poboy or some other fantastic Cajun fare, this is most definitely my place. Not only does Bayou Bar and Grill have great food and great bartenders, it’s also within walking distance from my house. They have a great brunch, featuring some awesome drink specials. Recently I tried the Macmosa which is a steal!! It is a double mimosa with Grand Marnier added for only $6.50, making Bayou my top pick for brunch in Overton Square.  

The guy bartender has always been pretty cool. He is friendly, informative and quick. He is just an overall good bartender in Midtown. If my memory serves me correctly, the MACMOSA is named after him. 

I love the daily lunch specials they have. I have tried them all and let me tell ya something, it is good and the price is reasonable as heck!! I normally get the cajun pasta, seafood dip, oysters, wings, or po boy. You really can’t go wrong here.

I love how they are true to their spices and the NOLA culture. Sunday’s are the best during football season, even if you aren’t a Saints fan. I love the fun energy that this place gives you. When it comes to NOLA spice, I’m a sucker so some food items I have avoided. One regret I had was the Nawlins’ sandwich with the zydeco sauce. It was so good I ate it but man oh man was my mouth burning afterwards. 

The bar is carrying mostly local beers which keeps things interesting for a beer lover like myself. They can make any shot under the sun with all those crazy vodka flavors I saw and I also just discovered the $60 beer club mugs. The bartender said they start collecting money around November for the annual dues. It may be something to look into if I can enjoy $3 Ghost River all year long. Until then, I will enjoy my fried mudbugs and MacMosas. Hurry up April!!


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