Tart…Tasty Art??

One thing I find irreplaceable about Midtown, specifically Cooper Young, is the recreation of homes. I love how a person can see an old single family home and just turn it into something magical. Tart my friends is one of those magical places. The croissant took me back to my first European trip with my grandma to France. I remember thinking no one made better croissants than Rafferty’s until I bit into that flaky pastry.  I didn’t need any jam, I just needed more!!  Tart takes me back to France from the Food to to the Art. The concept of bringing art into the restaurant and pretty much making it a part of the restaurant is so cool to me. When you first walk in you are greeted by a friendly smile at the cashier and if you’re lucky one of the owners as well. There is art in a frame that lingers out to the wall making it all a piece of work.

Almost once a week I’m tempted to stop in this place in the morning because my son goes to daycare right across the street. The temptation comes from their chef “Sleepy” and his Facebook post about what he just found to cook at the local farm. Sleepy is an awesome guy and he can cook up some things that my braid tongue hasn’t explored yet. So for that I am always appreciative of his creations. Food is like his art, I guess.

With that said I stopped by for a quick bite at Tart to begin my Sunday Funday but I traded a mimosa for some French Press coffee. I paired this with a daily special quiche filled with andouille sausage and cheeses galore. I love how Tart always makes me feel slightly healthy with the fruit compote.

photo 3

After that I enjoyed a Tartine du jour topped with all those local veggies Sleepy found earlier and also a mini version of the Croque Monsieur accompanied by some Hollandaise sauce atop.

photo 1 photo 2




Tart is known to be a bakery and coffee shop, but if you eat like me then don’t be shy to try one of their many delectable sandwiches or salads. It’s a great place for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

If you are interested in any of the art on the walls they are for sale and they host gallery events now too!! Follow them on Instagram @tartmemphis and stay in the Know! This is one place you should definitely try.


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