What a great FIND!

I follow alot of people and places on Instagram and yesterday I was doing a clean sweep. I remember passing by @foundmemphis and little did I know it was right across the street from my job on Broad Avenue. I will admit, I have not explored Broad Avenue as much as I should have after I stopped working at Jack Magoo’s, but I have been following the progress. Today on my delicious lunch break I enjoyed the new BiBim Bop Burger from Kwik Chek and some fluffy, soft and sweet strawberry cake from Bogie’s Deli Midtown. Afterwards, I decided to do alittle exploring.

.photo 1photo 2

I first went by the new {I LOVE MEMPHIS} Mural on Broad Ave. and Scott and that was absolutely stunning and freakishly cool. Its right there by the mega church and really close to Wiseacre Brewery too.

photo 2 (2)photo 1 (2)

So I hop back in the car and head back towards the job and I look to my left and BOOM, there’s FOUND STUDIO from my Instagram page! Now how silly am I that I never connected those two dots? Very silly. But luckily since I was in my exploring mode I was peeping out all the new stores and I did notice some cute clothes on the outdoor rack. I park my car one last time and wow I really like this cute store! It’s like a consignment store and a vintage store!! They have sooooo many accessories and I’m sure you could find something in there that you liked. I saw so many earrings and purses I would love to rock on any given day.

photo 3

There’s something about vintage items that makes you feel like a lady.

photo 2 (1)
The young lady in the front room was so sweet and friendly. It also smells really good when you walk in so you don’t have to worry about that moth smell. They keep it pretty dust free and that works wonders because it gives it a new feel! I don’t mind buying consignment clothes, but if you do this place will not make you feel any shame for it at all!
The prices were what seems fair nowadays that vintage is the trend too. I saw nice blouses from $18-$22 and most accessories were about that price. I plan to go back very soon and do some serious shopping! I love it and it’s right across the street from my job. Plus I saw a shirt with my name on it. I think that’s a sign, don’ t you?



Cristina M.


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