My Love for Huey’s

So as a Memphian there are just some places that you have to try. For me, it was Huey’s. My grandfather used to take me and my cousins there all the time to the Midtown location to enjoy a burger and some wall writings. We went so often that it became a tradition! My grandmother would always order the fried chicken salad and my mother would always get the Philly cheesesteak sandwich. And my grandfather and all the cousins would get a World Famous Huey’s burger.
Not until I got older and had my own funds to support my eating habits did I begin to venture out. It all started with the enormous pile of nachos and continues now with the Bluff City Burger and the Homemade Potato Soup. The Bluff City Burger wasn’t always on the menu but about three years ago they had it as a special and I loved it so much! I was hoping it my wish would come true and it did! It’s now permanently on the menu! It is hands down the best burger there. It has the famous beef with BBQ sauce, onion straws and cheddar cheese. What defines Memphis better than a Huey’s burger with BBQ sauce?!?
So this week me and my grandfather decided to visit our favorite spot again and everybody ordered their normal. I ordered the Homemade Potato Soup and let me tell ya this is something ahhhhmazing! It’s perfect for this fall/winter weather too. If you ordered it make sure you get extra crackers or maybe even some French Bread from the market. Sit by the fireplace and watch a movie and enjoy My Memphis and yours.


Also when I was leaving out of Huey’s I came across this event this Saturday. Looks like fun if you love beer, specifically a Nashville beer.




One thought on “My Love for Huey’s

  1. What kind of unique or down home snacks/food does Memphis have? More specifically what types of foodie snacks/food are shippable that could be shared with people all over the world? I’ve found that each place has something special, something unique that the rest of the world just doesn’t know about. The potato soup sounds good. Unfortunately I don’t suppose it’s shippable.

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