Welcome to My Memphis!!

Welcome to my first ever blog post! My name is Cris, short for Cristina and I love my city! A lot of people would assume I love my city, or at least the food here, because I’m always talking about a restaurant i just tried or somewhere I want to go. And that assumption would be true! I love my Memphis! I am also a lover of all music and foods. Some I love more than others of course.

This blog all came about after a nice group dinner with my boyfriend and some friends from Instagram, and they all said I should start a blog. After some research and suggestions here I am! I don’t mind telling people about some amazing experience my taste buds had or about some awesome show I went to, because I want others to experience as well! Even though I’m an only child there are some things that I don’t mind sharing lol.

From this blog I would like to raise more awareness to the local eats and entertainment we have in Memphis because this is what makes Memphis, Memphis! I’m excited to finally start blogging about my passion for Memphis and all the great things it offers! BYL
Happy blogging!



5 thoughts on “Welcome to My Memphis!!

  1. Hey Roxiecris,
    This is great and I will be starting my part time internship at Visible Music College next week.
    I will host a 1hr talk show on Visible Radio (Podcast) about good food, good music, and good times. You must be on my show!!


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